martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Shawn answers!

Asked by too many people to list here:
0- What got you into Pipit x Link?
Link has always been my favorite videogame character since I was a child. As you all know, I really like yaoi (probably because it is the only kind of love I can identify with) and I always tried to find a partner for Link.
When I first "met" Pipit, I thought he was very good-looking. I am attracted to guys with pointy noses and larger ears than Link's (like Ocarina's Link ears ) so Pipit was a major attraction to my sight.
I have to admit I hated his personality; he is very impudent, but as time pased, I realized or felt that it was just a part of his charm. Since his personality is quite contrasting compared to Link's, I thought they would make a good couple; they complement each other.

Also, I felt somewhat identified with Pipit's character, and since I like Link, well, he likes Link, too; hehe.

Asked by Abstract-Mindser:
1- What was the last game you played, and how much did you enjoy your session?
The las game I played was Animal Crossing: City Folk for  Wii. I didn't play much, but I had a really good time visiting my nighbors and being told that they missed me a lot. It was a lot of fun!

2-Do you plan to get Animal Crossing: Jump out? I'd really want the [link] themed 3DS XL if that wouldn't be greedy of me.
I'd love to get that Animal Crossing game, but I don't have a 3DS. I really like that design , too; but I don't think I'll be getting a 3DS or the game any moment soon, haha. And no, I don't think its greedy; if you can get it, then do it! It's very cool.

Another thing, if you have the Wii Animal Crossing, my friend code is: 4470-8801-0595, My character's name is Marín and my town is Lalaland.

3- But, if you were able to purchase it, what would be the feature that you would be most excited for?
Well, I'm actually more excited about the Wii U's features. The thing that got me about the 3DS were all the awesome games that were launched along with it: Ocarina's and Star fox's remake, along with super paper Mario and Animal crossing. I'm all about the gaming and having a good time.
Some features that I really liked about the 3DS itself were the Wi-Fi capable software and all the drawing features. I think those were very cool.

Asked by Mylike:
4- Why did Russia jump of a helicopter screaming "Vodka"?
Because Russian people from Russia -Like Russia- like Russian Vodka from Russia where Russian people who like Russian Vodka come from. Easy.

Asked by NeonKitsune16:
5- Which is your second favorite Zelda Character? Because I know your first one is Link.
Well, I hadn't thought about this one before. I'd say Pipit, but I'll try to focus in the Zelda games in a more general way. Hmm, I think my second favorite character is Tetra because I like badass girls who would sweep the floor around with the boys, ahahahahahaha- Not Zelda. Yep, so Pipit and Tetra would make it into my second place.

Preguntado por/ Asked by Three-Swordmaster
6-¿Me quieres?/ Do you care about me?
Bueno, nos hemos conocido por algún tiempo, y sigo soportando tus "cosas de nena" así que sí lo hago, debe ser por algo; sí, podría decirte que te tengo ese afecto./
Well, we've known each other for quite some time now, and I still can stand all your "girl issues", so there must be something there; so yeah, I'd say I care about you.

7- If you saw someone crying, what would you do?
If the person who's crying someone I don't know, I do nothing. If the person is someone I know, I just listen and try to lend a hand, but I never cry along with that person nor feel the same as he/she does; I'm there for support, not to make that person feel worse. I try to stay put for both of us.

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

I need no one's aproval...

... to be happy.
I've always said that as long as something makes me happy, there's no need for society to show me their aproval nor acceptance; however, I've noticed that a part of me was looking for it even when I didn't realize it.
Gender and orientation will always be two misunderstood topics, but if I know who I am and what I need to do in order to be happy, it doesn't matter if others say what I feel or know is not pissible; after all, I know it, then it has to be something at least for me.
Now I know what I must do and I will do it.

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

One day, you'll forget about me.

"Maybe if I had less friends, I'd had more time for myself."

Eventually, I'll be forgotten. It's meant to be, you see? I am not a person who will remain in people's thoughts forever; I'm not that important. I wonder if anyone would miss me if I died... I really think not.